Unsupported Rhino Version

Hello, I am using Revit 2020.2 x64 and Rhino 7 SR8 2021-7-15 (Rhino 7, 7.8.21196.05001) - both with purchased licence (we are and Arch firm)- however the latest RhinoInside.Revit_1.7.8194.7007.msi file is requiring a new Rhino V 7.9.0 (does it exist?).
Would it be simpler if I run Revit 2021 instead rather than installing a newest licenced Rhino V? ( so far I see available the “rhino_en-us_7.20.22193.09001.exe” (2022.07.18)
Any other thoughts around please?
Really appreciated

Please use the latest Rhino version as well as the Latest Rhino.Inside.Revit. Its also advised to update frequently, we are adding features on an almost weekly basis.


Thanks I will do .