Unknown Grasshopper Elements of a Damped Sine Wave Formula

Hi everyone,

On the grasshopper forum I found an explanation for how to make a damped sine wave in grasshopper.

I am trying to reconstruct as per the diagram below, however I am new to grasshopper and I’m having trouble locating the elements in the program. The elements that have icons are easy to find, however I have not been able to locate the ones circled in red on this diagram. Could someone please tell what these elements are in grasshopper? I would really appreciate the help.

Params > Input > Numeric Slider.
Maths > Script > Expression.

In the expresion you have to rename the inputs the same as the variable in the formulas.

The GH file is available for download in the post you linked to: halflifesin.gh, 10 KB

Also, I’ve used that same reference and code in many forum posts:

Thank you so much Dani_Abalde!

Ahhh I see now Joseph, thank you very much for bringing the file to my attention, a huge help!! I’ll spend some time going through these forum posts of yours. Much gratitude to you.