University Schedule

Hello teachers!

I would like to get some information from you… What is the most convenient time to schedule courses for teachers? When do classes end, when do you take a vacation, and when do you start teaching again? This will help us schedule our teachers’ training when it is most convenient. It seems to be different around Europe so please mention your country.

Thank you.

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Hello Carla,
Riccardo here from Milan,Italy.
Here we have semesters.
Politecnico di Milano starts the 1sem the 2nd week of September and ends the 3rd week of December. The 2nd sem starts the last week of February and ends the 1st week of June.
Private university starts the 1st sem. around the half of October and ends the 1st of February. The 2nd sem starts the 1st week of March and ends the middle of June.
The second semester appears longer because there’s the eastern break (1week) and the Design week break (1 week).

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Thank you, Riccardo. This is really helpful.
Is June a good month (less busy) for you?

Hi Carla,
July is usually the best but June is good as well because is lightener than other months.

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