Ungrouping each Boxes in Voxeltools

Hey @arendvw,

How can I ungroup each box after baking the voxel shape? because I want to individually select the boxes.

try list item component

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That would work if I had few boxes, but I have hundreds of them

Can your criteria for selection be translated into an algorithm?

I think when dealing with such large number of of objects, you either bake them and continue from there, or you figure out how to filter the objects by a number of geometric principles

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I’m not sure If I can translate them into an algorithm. I tried baking it and ungrouping the boxes, but I couldn’t individually select them, instead when I clicked on them It selected the hole voxel geometry.

Post your gh file?

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There’s a compent called voxelgrid to boxes that should do this

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I tried doing this but after baking the geometry, selecting a single voxel still resulted in selecting the entire voxel geometry. However, I worked this out, by adding VoxelGrid to Boxes to my script. It allowed me to select a single voxel.

I appreciate the help you both gave me