Uneven division based on same ration

Hi eveyone,

I have a curve to divide shown as illustrated.
However I want to divide the RED CURVE with uneven distantce, which is namely following the proportion of a/b.
It this case as figured we start from point number 1. The proportion is a/b= 8.07/1.11 meter.
And the proportion should applied to the next point nummer 2…so on so on…

I could image that every new division will geting narrower than one proviously…
(and It is possible that the last point cant be cleanly divided)

I was wondering is that anyway to do this? Any hint will be appreciated.

Thx in advanced


I think there is no possibility to do this with native GH components. Since your problem has its nth step determined by values taken from the (n-1)th step, it is screaming for a loop - Anemone could probably do it as well.

Here is a C# solution, but I’ve simplified the problem, it’s only working for a curve in XY plane with its end point along Y axis.

Also, I assumed the b value was an input.

DivideRatio.gh (12.2 KB)