Undo - multiple steps in wenatchee 2014-07-14 and previous build

When I use command Z to undo in the last two wenatchee builds, it undoes multiple steps rather than just the latest change. It does not seem to be completely consistent as to how far it jumps back, but seems to always go back more than one.

Interestingly enough, I had the problem, posted this topic, and then it didn’t happen again for a few minutes.
It seems to be exacerbated by a second rhino window that is rendering in toucan. Not entirely sure if that is the cause or simply correlation.

Noticed this behavior aswell, while the render window is minimalized, the active window does multiple steps per undo. First came across this about two years ago. Bug might still be there.

Interesting. You are getting away with something that should not work. If you start a command and then switch to another modeling window, Rhino for Mac cancels the command running in the previous window. The underlying core code does not reliably run two commands on two different models. Apparently the cancel is not working on the Render command.

I’ll log this as a bug.