Understanding SD Trendline and Mean Values Trendline Graphs

What does it mean if the average line is going up as shown in the following photos:

I understand that the standard deviation trendline is supposed to show the variation behavior among generations, so in this case… is the line going up means that the variation is increasing?

Similarly, I understand that the mean values trendline shows the behavior of the mean fitness values among generations, so also in this case… does that mean that solutions are becoming more fitted?

@milad.showkatbakhsh can you please advise.


The increase in the Standard Deviation which is shown here in the SD Trendline chart shows the increase in variation as simulation moves ahead. So technically the simulation could not yet converged to a fit individuals. The increase in the Mean Value which is shown here in the Mean Value Trendline shows that the average fitness values per generations are increasing. This means that generations are getting less fit and worse.

Thanks for your reply!
so, does that mean I still need to increase the number of generations?

Not necessarily, you may need to reformulate your design problem. From what I see, increasing the number of generations does not help with the results.