Understanding BlendCrv's curvature and point spacing


How does the BlendCrv command decide to space the control points?

I am often adjusting the standard control point spacing, since I like to keep the distance somewhat equal which is making working with the surfaces easier in later stages. In a situation with a blend along a complex edge where I would need to draw multiple BlendCrv’s, I am looking for a way to consistently make these blends. Or for instance a function to equally divide control points.

Also see screenshot with different angles of a blend. Top is standard spacing, bottom adjusted. Personally I prefer a more smooth curvature graph.

Not sure if this is Core rhino behavior, so posting it in Mac.

Hope someone can clarify this. Thanks.

Hi Niels - one thing that may help is that moving any point at one end will move that point plus all the other ones ‘outboard’ from that end- so to keep point spacing equal, adjust using the second (tangent) point and the outboard ones will move smoothly outward. Shift-drag affects both ends of the blend.


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your replies. I aware of the various ways of adjusting, what concerns me is the overall distance, so also between point 3 and 4 on a degree 5 curve with 6 points.

To make sure the adjustment is consistent for multiple crv blends it would be good to have similar sliders as with the BlendSrf command or/and an option that makes sure the distance between the control points are all equal while remaining g2 curvature.

I guess I will safe the questions on single span surfaces after an offset or pipe command for later. :sleeping: