Uncaught (in promise) TypeError

I have a gh file that i am running locally in rhino appserver. It works correctly using default inputs.
But when i change the inputs, i get the error

This error occurs for any change in any input variable for that specific gh file.
The above error is from console in browser.
There is no error in compute.rhino3d.appserver or compute.rhino logs

Also when i tried to debug , I was able to figure out the line in definition.hbs below which code does not reach

Down is printed several times but Out is never printed in console.

The part of code that causes the error is in compute.rhino3d
Screenshot 2024-03-28 035412

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Did you specify an onError function?

like this:


it looks like you defined a function to run when loaded, but cut off the screenshot where your error handler should be defined.