Unable to really delete a Layout

Hi there!
First, THANK YOU FOR THE MAC 6 WIP (and all the work that has been put into it)

It is impossible to really delete a Layout.

  1. Create new file
  2. Create any geometry
  3. Create new layout
  4. Delete layout

It only seem to delete the preview, not the actual layout

Rhino WIP 6.10
MacOS 10.13.6

Keep up the good work!

After further toying with the WIP.

It seems to be a “layout refresh” issue.

After creating and deleting the layout, if you quit the layout window, then reopen it, the deleted layout is now gone.

Thanks for reporting!
The issue is now logged as RH-48201.

This was already a known issue RH-44528.

In the latest RhinoWIP, Layouts should now disappear in the thumbnail browser immediately after you delete them. Please give it a try.