UI request: drag input to input to copy source

I often find myself needing to re-use inputs that a nearby part of my script is already using.

It would be really handy if dragging from an input node to another input node would copy the source of the first input.

For instance, suppose I have a param slider way in the upper left to select number of sides for a polygon, and I have a polygon component using that slider. Now, I later want to divide a curve into that same number of segments. Rather than finding the original slider and creating a link, let me drag the “sides” input of the polygon to the “N” input of divide curve, and use that data to create a link back to the original slider.

This is not exactly what you asked, but somehow it do the same thing.
You can create relays by double-click over a “connection curve”, but if you delete a relay its inputs and outputs are still linked…

You can right click on the input and extract the parameter.

It won’t be connected but quick double click on that wire and you get a relay connect that relay to the number and remove the relay, then you simply connect to the other (polygon) input.

Or of course simply use relays like I do. Unfortunately they don’t transfer the type of object that is connected to them on the left side :slight_smile:

That is perfect. Not quite what I envisioned but still solves the scrolling annoyance. Thank you!