Type conversion failed from text to bool, type conversion failed from Goo to bool

I want to calculate mean radiant temperature. The result shows two errors . The first error is the type conversion failed from text to bool. The second error is the type conversion failed from goo to bool. I do not know the reason and how to solve this problem.

The image you posted is unreadable. It doesn’t get bigger when I click on it.

The error however is reasonably straightforward; a component is expecting to get data of type Boolean, but instead it gets data of type Text and it doesn’t know how to convert it. If the text were “true” or “false” or “yes” or “no” then the conversion would probably succeed, but if the text reads anything else, is that supposed to be true or `false’?

You may also want to include the name of the plugin that is giving your grief.


I upload new images. Can you give me some specific suggestions to solve this problem? How to do it in specific way ? Thank you very much.

The Ladybug plugin does seem to have its own support forum here. Since this is an error inside a ladybug component, you may want to start there.