Two suggestions regarding text fields, annotations, blocks

From my recent work with rhino i find these necessary in certain situations:

  1. Dimensions without any dimension lines, right now you can only turn off extension lines
    (useful when dimensioning shape of a rebar, stirrup etc.)

  2. my whole model of reinforcement consists of blocks with attributes. I would like to utilize hardly input user attributes further in my work. I cannot use them in text fields for example because blocks are not supported (yet?).

  3. When working with blocks and attributes, the issues are:
    -grasshopper plugins such as elefront cant cope with fx values in user text
    -block definition and block instances could have separate user text attributes
    (lets say the rebar definition defines its shape material and other info, instance may have different attributes regarding other things, such as position which are irrelevant for definition)

Thats enough findings since yesterday :))