Two sliders at the same time for optimization process

Hello! I’m trying to do an optimization through Wallacei X using daylight analysis and co2 emboided emissiones in the structure. For this last point, I’m using CARDINAL LCA but if I use the output “total GWP” wallacei X doesn’t recognize it.

To solve this I did a manual calculation of the kg of co2. BUT, in the graph there is no direct optimization (I don’t know why because I can see that the number is changing in the definition) SO and this is the question that I have…

I decided to connect as genes two new sliders, one is the co2 factor of each material and the other one is the density of the material. I would like to know if it is possible to change the number slider as two equals, for example…

Aluminium co2 factor 0.1 density 1
Concrete co2 factor 0.2 density 2

So the slider calculates this using 0.1 and 1 together and then changes to concrete as 0.2 and 2… I hope this is understood, because then I could use an optimization with the lowest kg co2 of the material and not just optimize the minimum material of use, which until now, is not showing any changes…

As you can see in the picture im using static values for this calculation. 2750 is the density of aluminium and 6.6687 is the co2kg factor, but the optimization is running only to minimize the kgs of aluminium. I would like to create it in a way that the slider could go through different materials (using the two parameters: density and kgco2). This is not a wallacei X question, is more about how to organize data as input for the optimization.


You can create a list of possible options for your material and then use a number slider to select from that list, Your number slider will be your gene in this case.