Tween Surface 3 to one surface

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For my graduation paper, I am developing an aerodynamic boat, for which the lower part has to remain flat. To decrease drag, I am looking to design a round nose, which blends to the flat part of the boat.
The rear part of the boat consists of 3 surfaces, vertical, horizontal and a blend. The nose consists of 1 surface. I am having trouble blending these surfaces together. The pictures provided show that there is a bump forming. I am forming the surface using tween curve from Pufferfish and also providing a guidance curve by blend curve through a point. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve this approach. Thank you already,

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3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your fast reply. You can find the dedicated files attached here.Rhino_Forum.3dm (409.6 KB) (8.9 KB)


I’ve drawn a lot of boat hulls and there are many considerations… displacement, prismatic coefficient, wetted surface area, etc. Drawing a hull in sections as you are doing is even more difficult because all adjacent surfaces must be tangent and fair to each other.

The best I could do with your model is to ignore the middle section curve (the BlendCPt output) and use Sweep2: (12.8 KB)

Not a good boat!!