Tutorial: Modeling a Studio/Guest House - Architectural Intro to Rhino

Did you know that your Rhinoceros 7 license is a dual platform license? You can install it on your Windows and Mac computers. Add your key to your Rhino Account (Cloud Zoo) and use it on both computers. Also you can configure a Team and share your key with a group of Rhino users.

In these PBL (project based learning) videos, see Rhino for Windows and Rhino for Mac being used to create the same model. Compare them “side by side”.

Download the file set and model along with me to create a studio/guest house model.

Learn how to input exact coordinates, use modeling aids like ortho and gumball, use layers to organize your model, view the model in display modes, assign render materials, use clipping planes to view the floor plan or a section, configure a layout for printing, add dimensions and annotations and more.

Rhino for Windows

Rhino for Mac

Mary Ann Fugier