Trying to Split Surface

I’m working on this definition and I’m trying to split a group of surfaces with a surface (closed planar curve). It splits all of them but the very bottom one in Z. That one splits on the far right side but the far left side doesn’t split at all. Not sure Where I’m going wrong here.

Also while someone is taking a look at it, it might be a bit messy still (sorry for that). After this split I’m going to do one more split at the vertical cross members then I have to sort and cull everything. With as many objects as I have here I sometimes have a problem sorting properly.

If anyone has any comments of the path I’ve taken to do these operations the critique is welcome. I’m new to Grasshopper and can’t help but feel I’m taking the long way around. This is my 3rd definition of essentially doing the same thing, they’ve gotten a little smaller each time.
Curve To (35.7 KB)


Try to use Region IntersectionorRegion Difference

Curve To (34.8 KB)

Thanks HS_Kim,

I’ll try to use those as you’ve shown here.

Edit: @HS_Kim
Wow, that’s much more streamlined. I tried using the region components earlier but it didn’t work because I didn’t use the curve component first.
Thanks a lot!