Trying to build Color HSV Cylinder

Hi, I’ve been trying to build a color HSV Cylinder like the second image, with linear arrays and polar array, connecting it to color HSV.
But I was only able to control H, S, and V separately, not like what I want it to be a spectrum in three directions, X, Z axis, and in circle.
Can somebody give me an advice how I can manage to get the result I want?
Thanks in advance! (24.1 KB) (19.0 KB)


I needed something fun to do, here’s a solution which used a solid mesh to show the cylinder: (20.5 KB)


Hi, thanks for your work!
I didn’t think about using points for the spectrum, but I really like the fact it runs so fast in rhino even when I change the view angle.
I was trying to understand how you used cross-reference, and could you explain a bit about that?
I’m developing it to let people put HSV value and make the closest point to be highlighted, so I was trying to understand the algorithm.
Any further advice on how I can select the point by HSV value would be super-appreciated!!

Thank you so much!

If you are working with cylindrical coordinates and HSV with 0~1 domain, to get a point (Angle, Radius, Elevation):
Angle = H * 2 * Pi,
Radius = S * r, where r is your radius in cyl coordinates,
Elevation = V * e, where e is your elevation in cyl coordinates.