Trutops / Trutops Boost , or maybe machine issue?

Hey guys! I just got mandated to follow up on our issue with our TruLaser 5030.

In a nutshell, when we are cutting 1 meter or longer parts, they end up shorter than modelled.

For example, the part is exactly 1 meter long in AutoCAD, and in practice they end up being a few millimeters longer or shorter.

The Laser is maintained regularly, they never said anything if it’s worn on any axes.

Have anyone ran into this issue?

Hi -

In which way is this question related to Grasshopper or even Rhino?

Hi, I am sorry if it’s off-topic.

I was just searching on google for a forum, and this is the only one I have found

Hi @Kispeter_Mark
This is a news group for 3D modeling software Rhino3D and related plugins etc. If you are looking for help on your specific machine, you’re probably better off contacting Trumpf directly or maybe the users over at r/lasercutting
Regards, Jakob