Troubleshooting_Joining n surfaces with a very small surface next to it

Hi all,
I’m strugglin with this.
I have some surfaces, and i separate from them the surfaces with the edge smaller than x value. Then i want to join this small surface with the nearest surface next to it, and replace the joined surface in the old list.

I can have 3 possible cases.
case 1)
I have only one small surface, it could be work with this definition.
But in this case neither brep join nor solid union worked.
join (109.2 KB)

case 2)
I have 2 small surfaces, one at start, one at the end of the list.
How would you do?

case 3)
I have no small surface.

In conclusion how would you do a solution that satisfy all 3 cases? Is it possible?


simply change your cutting shape a bit. It doesn’t make sense to keep this tiny surface at all, especially if you plan to produce this. Or as an alternative extend surface 1 a bit more in surface 0 direction. Furthermore if “brep join” fails, its much more likely you did imprecise modelling instead of an algorithmic failure. I’m a big fan of simplification, although your panels are clean, your cutting shape seems not to be.Trim boundaries look a bit weird. Maybe you should improve this a bit. Hope this helps, best