Trouble Interpolating Curve Grasshopper

Hi, I’m trying to follow this tutorial I will add a link to it below. It should be very basic but I’m struggling.
I want to add a Ucount subdivide my surface but when I do I get the error 1. Insufficient interpolation points for a curve. I tried flattening the points and that made the error go away but now my curves are closed. I will attach the files below as well. Can anyone please help me out?

4.12 podium facade.3dm (306.5 KB)
4.12 podium (7.4 KB)

Here’s a picture of the error

Actually, your initial surface was trimmed, and not all division points are on the surface.

I think you might want to rebuild the facade as one surface instead of a polysurface.

Check the files. I extracted the boundaries of your facade and changed your GH definition

4.12 podium facade.3dm (320.0 KB) 4.12 podium (3.2 KB)

Perfect, I will try that. Thank you

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