Trouble getting started with developer tools

I have been dabbling with scripts in the GH python component, but things are getting too big: I need to build some components. I have followed the getting started Guides as best I can: Visual Studio for Mac 17.3.7 is installed, with the Rhino extension version 7.21.0. When I build the built in sample app HelloRhinoPlugin, I get a problem report every time. The resources I get from the wizard are not the same as the screen shots in the Guide: I don’t get a “Resources” tab, just a “Dependencies” tab. Under this tab, is one item “NuGet” and under this is “RhinoCommon”. Nothing else. Here is the output:

dyld: Symbol not found: __Z24RhShellExecuteForegroundPKw
  Referenced from: /Applications/Rhino
  Expected in: flat namespace
 in /Applications/Rhino

and here is a screen shot of the first page of the Problem Report with more detail:

I tried to build the Rhino Command sample as well, with similar result.

Any help and advice for a beginner will be much appreciated. If I am using the wrong forum, please point me in the right direction.