Trimmed BRep from scratch

This has been discussed to some length in the newsgroup (creating trimmed BReps from surface and (u,v) trim coordinates), but I would like to know if there are some examples for RhinoCommon to create a trimmed BRep from scratch.

For Rhino_DotNet there are examples to do this at
I have tried to follow these samples and reproduce them in RhinoCommon, but so far no luck. I get stuck when setting vertex indices on loops or edges IIRC.

A similar example in RhinoCommon, creating a planar face with a hole, and a trimmed face would be much appreciated.

@dale I remember you had me add some functions to RhinoCommon for this functionality, but don’t quite remember where we got with this. Do you have a working sample, or is there more that I need to add to the SDK?

Looks like we’re not quite there yet. I’m working on this right now so we should have the functionality available in SR6

Ok Steve, thanks for getting this into SR6

Hi @stevebaer,

I have upgraded to SR7 today and tried to port my Rhino_DotNet code to RhinoCommon. I still find some functionality lacking in RhinoCommon that I am using from Rhino_DotNet. But, maybe I’m doing things wrong.

What I would really appreciate is an example in which trimming a surface is performed when a list of trim (U,V) coordinates is known. This list of parameter space coordinates is one closed loop, which may contain sharp bends in Cartesian space.

I suppose it is similar to how IGES bounded entities (IGES 141) and bounded surface trims (IGES 143) are defined.

Hey @menno,
Can you send me some of your older Rhino_DotNet code that does this (private email is fine)? I don’t have a sample ready and this would help me find whatever spots are missing from the SDK.