Trim / Pull curve to SumSurface bug

In V5 - V7.10, the SumSurface will not _Trim with the red curve but will with the green (copy of red). Also, _Pull creates an incomplete result of the red curve only. Workarounds for this include _ToNURBS or _ExtendSrf the SumSurface before _Trim or _Pull.

image → Pull: image

Crv_SumSurface_Trim_Pull_Fail.3dm (44.7 KB)

Hello - Thanks, I see that - it looks like maybe it has to do with the curve crossing the surface…
RH-65780 Pull: incomplete


I just discovered that _ClosestPt doesn’t produce a result when the surface is the target and the start point of the red curve (on right side in left image) is the base point.

RH-65906 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 12