Tree growing problem (16.4 KB) I don’t why the script doesn’t work at last

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I think it is missing an initial curve in the input D0 just from the picture.

it still doesn’t work~

Sorry, what do you mean moved to grasshopper category?

if you zoom into the evaluate parameter, it has a message bubble saying there is no data in t, then it also asks for a value for x in the Rotate component.

Read the error message that pops up, post your script after you have the t fixed.

you mean i shall input a value into X?
but then the rotate component become red,

this is the original script that i followed, but i don’t know why there’s such problem…

They probably internalised the data, so you can’t just copy the script as the values have been saved inside the component.
You will need to feed your own vector into x to make it work.

you mean the x in rotate component?
but it wasn’t input any data

The person who posted the original script internalised the data that is why unless you have the script, you can’t see what input they used.

If you hover your mouse over the X in the original script, it should show you what was internalised.

umm, i test the value from 0 - 100, they all do not work

The value X is a vector not a single number.

yes, i konw
now the script work, but it only has one line (11.8 KB)

Screenshot 2020-05-19 at 13.30.59

Since I have no idea what you are looking for as you have not given a hint on what the final output is meant to look like:
tree (1).gh (19.2 KB)


So sorry! It should be like this

From that, t = 1, the vector X will vary depending on run.
tree (1).gh (18.4 KB)

ohhhh!! really thanks a lot.
But the loop didn’t start,

double click the start loop to run or put a button into the trigger input.