Transformations in Python with rhinoscript

I want to do some relatively simple linear transformations in python using rhinoscript. I’ve found some of the rhinoscript functions like PointTransform and VectorTransform. Are there any examples that I can download to get started? The old Rhinoscript 101 for VB says look in paragraph X.X but I guess that paragraph may not have got written.

It may have been added in the RhinoPython Primer: Rhino - Download - RhinoPython¹º¹ Primer

which is mentioned along with links to many other resources on this page: Python Scripting for Rhino and Grasshopper [McNeel Wiki]

Hi @Joe4,

Here is a simple example you might find helpful.

– Dale

Thanks, Dale. That will keep me busy for a little while.

It’s not in RhinoPythonPrimerRev3.pdf. Is there a later revision?

I don’t think so; I got the link directly from the Rhino developer webpage. I noticed the primer had a date on it that was close to the turn of the last decade (2012 or 14, I think). I remember having the thought "WHOA! this is probably ready for the Archives, since a lot has probably changed since then and just maybe it’s time to add all those things that even back then the authors were “going to get around to real soon” - like your topic of interest. @stevebaer @dale :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, when I open up the pdf file the title is “Python for Rhino5”. Just a bit out of date. The stuff in there is good. I just wish McNeel would expand it and bring it up to now.

There isn’t anything out-of-date, other than the title.

– Dale