Tower connection to surroundings

Hello everyone!

I am an Architectural student in my graduation year doing a tower as my final project.

One of the criteria is to connect the tower to the surroundings and context (To the metro, pedestrian) and an urban thought of it.

I feel stuck and seeking advice on this matter.

I also wonder on the possibilities for this with Grasshopper

Many Thanks, Nahel

hi Nahel,

in which matter are you seeking for advice? contextually, technically? to connect buildings to the environment should be depending on its function over all other purposes its main source of development anyway. maybe you want to be more specific on what you had in mind. chowing up your entire project here may also not be a good idea and seems a bit unconventional. still if you want to discuss certain parameters or even seeking for inspiration, maybe somebody may help you further if you feed us with just a little more information.

Hello Encephalon!

Thank you for your response. Yes i am definitely looking for inspirations, i have been stuck on this matter for quite some time now.

The idea is that the podium/tower should have some sort of connection to its surroundings whether by function or accessibility.

I have attached the Site location and plot limits (100x50 with offsets of 5meters from all sides making 90x50)

Any help would be appreciated!

Many Thanks, Nahel


hi Nahel,

that is of course not very easy to give you any advice without studying the surroundings very deeply. is that location chosen? if yes why, what does this location or lets say closer surrounding inhibit, does it serve a general purpose which you could adapt towards, or maybe the location could serve as a key point for a further city development and its inhabitants. is this for a master thesis? i dont know dubai at all, so understanding its location is a prime necessity i would say before you take any further steps. and without this very specific knowledge i would not even attempt sending out inspiration.

Hello Encephalon,

This is my undergraduate thesis and i have already conducted my research for this location.

The site has the best view towards the tallest tower in the world ( Burj Khalifa) and other iconic buildings along with the sea. It also has a service road infront with a pedestrian interlock whilst the plot facing also the metro line (near the highway).The plot has a hotel on the left side and 5 commercial buildings on the right and the burj is on the south taking into consideration the picture is facing north to the sea.

I am open to all ideas!

Thanks for taking from your time for this , Nahel

whats the purpose of your building? just another hotel - business building or did you have any further thoughts about it.

Its a mixed use tower for young professionals single and double occupancy units, there will be residential and start up offices along with entertainment and facilities.Also Individual and collaborative working spaces and landscaping. I am also making it sustainable with an innovative wall system than the ones we know of today

that sounds a little random to me, but again i dont know anything about dubai. you wrote in your first post that there is some sort of urban thought. what exactly would that be? it will be very difficult to help you if you dont provide more detailed information on what you have thought up already. even then it may not work out that you get the help you want. what i definitely cant do and i am also hoping that you are not looking for that is to throw in some predigested purely esthetic suggestions.

but what i read from your last post is that you are trying to implement some sort of landscape, as part of the building or what do you mean. do you have any sorts of sketches or other idea you can provide?

Yeah the urban thought is to connect it to the surroundings such as metro the pedestrian through anyway it doesnt have to be landscape and all i have thought of is bits and pieces sketches of how the tower is going to look like in different areas and the concept behind it i dont know if that will help in anyway. The landscape is to be integrated with the building.

the idea of the connection and how things are going to look at the podium level or ground level is what iam stuck at and its driving me insane!

you talked about sustainability. since you are still on an inspirational level even though you seemed to have developed parts of that building already, maybe i can suggest you to watch a docu called “A Beautiful Planet” its a little spacy at times but it also refreshes ones thoughts over that planet we call home. i am sure most of it you know and are aware of but maybe this can help you find some sort of inspiration to put your project into a new perspective adding context to your environment maybe finding some parameters which can emphasize your idea to a even greater sustainability. this is of course a bit abstract but who knows, maybe something pops into your mind while watching it.

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