Topology Optimization for voxels?

Hello All,

I’ve been checking Topology Optimization plug-ins for Grasshopper (Milipede, tOpos, Amoeba, …) but it seem to me that most of them work on meshes… I needed to do a Topology Optimization with a voxelized geometry. Is there a way to do topological optimization with voxels in Grasshopper? If so, what plug-in would you recommend?


I like Dendro (second page on the link) for converting meshes to/from voxels but there are some others as well on this list that may help…

Crystallon didn’t come up in that search but that works well with Dendro too.

Oh, that could work! Thank you! In the meantime, I also found out that you can obtain the voxelized mesh resulting from the topology optimization with tOpos, which was also helpful.

Topologic also now has Grasshopper tutorials on their site. Look on the Learn page there.

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