Toolbars same Rhino or similar


Perhaps, now that Grasshopper is packaged in Rhino, we can have the same toolbars as Rhino or similar.

With several vertical / horizontal tabs and the mouse wheel to change it …

a long time ago, I tested that but it’s too difficult for me.

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I’d wish for the opposite: GH toolbars for RH!

toolbars the way Grasshopper has them are so much more usable imo. In GH I actually do use the tabbed toolbars, whereas I almost never do that in RH. Also RH toolbars are terrible in general.

If you just wish for the option to have them on the side as well, then I agree, that would be useful.

I think for RH7 a complete overhaul of the interface is absolutely necessary. Luckily Mcneel already has a very good interface for GH, so I hope this is the way to go.

I think both floatable and dockable component panels would be nice to have, as long as it doesn’t require vertical text.

Yes i understand you and me too i prefer the design of GH toolbars.

for explain a use case.
In Rhino i have dissociated all commands in 2 tabs (just left/right). it’s very quick whith the mouse wheel in production.
{ curve: Creations/Modifications, Surface: Creations/Modifications, Solid: Creations/Modifications, …}

There are a lot of commands in RH and in GH + Plugins.
It’s for that i propose severeal toolbars + tabs + mouse wheel

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Nice example. Always good to explain with a use case.
It also demonstrates how difficult is to arrange Rhino toolbars without excessively wasting precious screen space. Making the toolbars more adaptable/responsive in order not to waste so much space is another thing McNeel-devs will hopefully address for RH7 - Grasshopper should be the role model.

Here you have other option

another option would be to use the whole canvas as a temporary menu using some keyboard button.

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that radial thing is terrible, imo.
the human brain is more happy with a grid structure.
temporary us of the whole canvas - yes, nice, but please with big scaled up icons, too many at once makes it complicated to find an pic.