Toolbar and icons missing

Mac. Ventura 13.6.3. Rhino8.
The top part of the image shows a tutorial screenshot with the toolbar and icons all available. Below it is my file with both of these missing, and I haven’t been able to restore them from tools>options>toolbars. Maybe someone can help.

hello @ericwiebe51
From the menu, choose Window > Window Layouts > Default

that should bring that container with toolbars back.

Thanks for taking the time to help me. It worked, but left a new puzzle. The CPlanes, Set View, Transform, and New in V8 all invoke only the Standard tool set. I screenshot two of them to show you. Unless I’m doing something foolishly simple or simply foolish, which is quite likely. Similarly, the Curve Tool set and the Drafting set both display the same set. Only Surface Tools, Solid Tools, Mesh Tools, and Render Tools display as expected. It is disappointing to find that after creating a Rhino template it does not open exactly the same way as it was created, like in SketchUp for example, but instead behaves capriciously.

This is the same in Rhino 7, are you expecting to see others?

I see this, these two seem to be broken RH-80053 Drafting and Curve tools tab don’t switch the main toolbar

Can you send me a screenshot of the template when you have saved it and after you opened it?
From Window > Window Layouts > Manage Window Layouts…
Can you Save the layout and send it to me? thanks!

Yes, and to show you what I expected to get I had to resurrect Rhino 7. In the second image a display of icons accompanies each tool set.

Hi @ericwiebe51 i now better understand what you mean. I thought you were not seeing a correct switch of the main toolbar (the one in the left sidebar, that’s the bug I logged) but apparently you are still missing the top row toolbars completely.

Can you run _Systeminfo in Rhino and post back the result?

A _Reset of Rhino could help out, but be aware this wipes out some or all customizations you have made based on the chosen option.
To do this, run _Reset and choose first only the option to remove toolbar customizations.
Before hitting Ok to perform that reset, pls hit the save settings for support button and send us that file.
I hope this helps.

I think a _Reset is not necessary: Your tools are hidden because your tab icons are really big, and you changed the settings in toolbars to show images and text for those toolbars.

If you hover over the lower edge of that top row toolbar, you should be able to drag that down and reveal the icons.
I do wonder why you choose to make them this big, is this intentional? If not, in toolbars, size and styles, reduce the Tab Size:

In that same dialog, the default settings for Docked top/bottom is Text only

Yes! You figured it out, and thank you very much. How much money should I send? You caught me changing the sizes in Toolbars Sizes and Styles. Because I’m 71 and at that age I like nice big icons for my eyesight.

as stated on our website :wink: