To create construction joints after using "Pipe" command


I am working on an acoustic pavillion project. I created some panels and used “deconstruct brep” command to get its curves. Than, I used this curves to create my pipes. So, all the system is in a single piece of structure because of this command and what I am missing is the joints on the connection parts of my pipes.

Is there any way that I can create construction joints for my pipes which is created with the “pipe” command?

I already checked the forum and lots of videos but still could not find anything. I don’t even know if it is possible to do it. I would be very happy if you help me!

Seyma (16.6 MB)

Hi @adaliseyma ,

What kind of joints you’re after ? send picture.
Now if you want simple joints, There is the YANG component that Lauren Delrieu shared which may interest you. The file he share contain script + good examples.


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Hi @billytalent.exe ,

Thank you very much, I used the script you sent! :slight_smile:

Have you something to show ? It is always interesting to see some realisations.

Unfortunately, no :slight_smile: My Gh script was very heavy and I could not have all the joints. I decided to bake the curves and made the joints in Rhino just to be able to 3d print them.

I was more speaking about the real thing (the printed nodes). No pictures, web pages, Instagram ??