To calculate the data from list of data

Hi I’m confused about the calculation of list data like below.
So I draw it in the screenshot, any help is welcome.

Here is the test .GH file.
Thank you for your attention. (5.6 KB)

is the * you are looking at means “Multiplication”?

Thanks for your attention.
Yes, I want to get the multiply this fraction(the data divide the number by the data from that group in order) by the data from the list. (11.0 KB)

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Another Simpler option using Tree Statistics + Series

Nice! Well done.
That is really helperful.
Could it be solved by Ironpython in the grasshopper,
The actual problem I meet is more complicated.

It is very doable. Unfortunately I’m not that great in python. But it can be as simple as getting the item’s branch and index .

AI comes to help:

import Rhino

# Sample data tree
data_tree = [[1, 2, 3], [4, 5], [6, 7, 8, 9]]

# Iterate through the data tree
for branch_num, branch in enumerate(data_tree):
    for item_num, item in enumerate(branch):
        # Extract the branch number and item number
        print("Branch {0}, Item {1}: {2}".format(branch_num, item_num, item))