The usefulness of disconnected groups - Component tags?

According to this tweet from when it was about tweeting. David Rutten stated that there will be no more exotic group outlines. I would like to point out one scenario where an “exotic” shape is very useful, so maybe some new solution can be found to serve the same purpose.

This example is based on the Rhino Inside Revit common re-usable script scenario in which one input (parameter) might change depending on the project. I’m grouping rooms either on the number, department, or other parameter value.

The value of this parameter is present in many different places across the definition but might be structured, sorted, or filtered differently.

Grouping these components into one disconnected group I have the possibility to globally tag them with some name that I find useful. It’s very handy that I can make one global change of the name or colour instead of e.g. 7 changes that I need to worry if they are synchronized.

If not a disconnected group, I would like to have some sort of tag that will allow me to name some group of components and preferably mark them with some colour so that when I zoom out the canvas I can see them without even looking.

Arbitrary data components (teal disconnected group) distinguishable when zoomed out

One place in the definition where I can switch between parameters passed further into the script

Completely different, downstream place inside the definition with the component assigned to the disconnected group for which I can globally edit the name or colour

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