The rhino-python package for the Atom text editor and Rhino for Mac

Strange … It’s right under “Include Completions from All Buffers” on my screen:

not on mine…

You’re right. I had not cleared my config settings. At least you know what’s coming in the next release :slight_smile:

[edit: tried with the latest release, same problem]

Seeing an error on this config:

OSX 10.10.2 (14C109)
Rhino 5A701, 5A706
Atom 0.180.0

When I try to run this script with ctrl-opt-r

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
from Rhino.Geometry import Point3D
rs.AddCircle(Point3d.Origin, 5.0)

I get this error in Rhino:

Exception occurred:
Message: Cannot import name Point3D

line 2, in , “/Users/jet/Desktop/tmp/”

And sometimes Atom hangs and doesn’t respond, I have to quit and relaunch.

There’s a typo in your script:
Point3D should be Point3d

Just checking … you have the 1.1.0 version of the autocomplete-plus package?

d’oh. yeah, the case was the problem.

$ apm list | grep autocomplete
├── autocomplete@0.44.0
├── autocomplete-plus@1.1.0

What’s the latest version of Atom that works with MacRhino that we should be using now? Thanks, --Mitch

hi Mitch

i’m up to date on all relevant pieces and everything appears to be working well.

Rhino: 5A766w
Atom: 0.189
rhino-python: 0.6.1 (atom package)
autocomplete-plus: 2.7.1



even rhinoscriptsyntax is now being found with autocomplete-plus… that one didn’t work for a while:

Thanks, just noticed Atom update from 0.188 to 0.189. Glad to hear Autocomplete-plus can be updated.

Hi all,

If you don’t mind I’ll close this topic since it was for the now obsolete 1st release of the rhino-python Atom package.

Please continue the discussion under the last announcement topic.

I recall that you were asking for some central way to manage your scripts so if you’re testing this I’d like to know if you can get what you need by doing what’s described here or here.

I appreciate that you’re all using and testing this.