The Designer in the Age of Conscious Design

Rhino User Webinar
The Designer in the Age of Conscious Design Evaluation and Filter Driven Design
February 1, 2023, at 4 PM UTC+1

In this webinar, Alejandro Fuentes, from the Computational Design Team at KCAP, will present how they integrate new technologies and logic using Rhino and Grasshopper across the different project phases and disciplines in the office. In particular, he will show the work they are currently developing in visualizing the implications of different European morphological and environmental regulations.

He will also show how they integrate different open-source plugins to design with building codes and generate combined analysis, such as comfort models. Their work is key to match with the office’s sustainability and carbon-neutral ambitions.

Alejandro is an architect with a background in thermodynamics and EMO workflow in structural design. He joined the CD Team at KCAP in 2021, and since then he has focused on developing internal tools and integrating real-time environmental simulations. He has been involved in developing plugins such as Worm and Roadrunner.

He recently joined TU Delft’s faculty as a guest teacher in urban and computational design, introducing new technologies and approaches.

Posted Jan 27, 2023 by Delia Robalo on Rhino News, etc.