The Callisto Protocol - Concept Art

Hi Everyone!

Back in 2019 I started using Grasshopper to define unique Sci-fi architecture for the game: The Callisto Protocol. We set out to generate lowpoly meshes for a lot of the game, instead of manually modeling. In the end Grasshopper was utilized to generate different style for each level. Once mesh structures were exported out of Rhino, ZBrush was used to clean and tweak the meshes. Here are some examples that made it into the game:

More can be seen here:


Good grief these are amazing. Ive been following your work for sometime now. Just incredible. One of these days I will take some muscle relaxants and attempt Grasshopper but it hurts my brain too much.

Thanks for sharing!


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amazing! thanks for sharing these!!

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These are brilliant. I love seeing the Grasshopper to ZBrush workflow. That starts to get into something really unique.


Can I ask why Houdini wasn’t used in this instance, since that software is usually considered to be more tailored towards game development than Rhino?

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Thank you Scott! People at Design Morphine helped me get started with GH back in 2017. Mostly Michael Pryor. DM has great courses also. It took me about six months to really feel comfortable using GH.

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Thank you Kyle!

In a nutshell, GH was use to make “advanced primitives” then exported to various software for secondary detailing.

Good question… The simple answer is I am not familiar with Houdini or Blender’s “geometry nodes”. At this point I am very comfortable with GH. Also I was using GH for Concept Art not actual 3d assets.


Thanks for the inspirational images. :exploding_head:

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Really impressive results and beautifull workflow showcase :heart_eyes: ! I love the game, love Grasshopper too… So… You made my day!

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Amazing. The next step would be to utilize topology optimisation and finite element analysis to make things “really” real. I’m an architect, so I have a good eye on believability of a structure and most of the time in-game architecture lacks defined and believable tectonics. I’m sure it’s too much for a non-architect to understand and employ that concept fully, because understanding of tectonics comes from understanding construction physics but with Grasshopper it may be quite easy for anyone to test some structural concepts and see how they behave. Some might say its too much for game design but I see it as a necessary step on the way to believable metaverse. Maybe one day some one will introduce structural analysis tools for virtual architecture with no local codes limitations and ability to introduce fictional materials and physical constants.
Here’s a video Deconstructing Architectural Tectonics - YouTube