Texturing lines?

I’m working on a Grasshopper application that could benefit from the ability to display line segments with texture. Is there a way to do this within the context of the Grasshopper development environment?

Related idea: OpenGL supports textured line segments… is OpenGL accessible from within DrawViewportMeshes? (Back in the day we used to use OpenGL commands within a C++ display conduit to render auxiliary geometry alongside Rhino’s display.)

Mmm, don’t you mean line shaped meshes with texture? In that case, yes, you can texture the meshes. A line simply can’t have texture bc is 1d and if you’re referring to a continuity pattern I think you have to trim the line and just draw what you’re interested in.

No, I want to draw lines on the screen with color defined by a texture image. In OpenGL, texture coordinates can be associated with the vertices of a line and the graphics system selects the display color by sampling the texture image between the texture coordinates.

As an alternative, I can convert my line segments to quad meshes with texture coordinates. But that will double the (already excessive) number of vertices.

Have you looked at GhGL?

There is also the DrawGradientLines method in RhinoCommon in V7

I didn’t know about GhGL or DrawGradientLines. I’ll have a look at both. Thank you!