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I have a problem with the text fields: when I apply an Area Text field or a curve length text field to a curve I get a big number of decimals when I only want 2. The image below is an Area text field applied to a curve and it gives me 64.7059 when I only want 64.71.

I have the Unit properties set to 2 decimal points. I don´t know why it gives such a big number and we cannot give in our plans this way.

Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

Thnak you very much

Hi there,

So you’ve set the Precision to 1.00?
See image below

Hi Jordy1989!

Thank you for your answer. Yes, I have the precision set to 1.00 for the dimension style I am using. Unfortunately that does not affect the text field…

Hi Gon- yeah- there seems to be a disconnected wire here, I’ll put it on the bug pile- thanks.


I just checked with the developer. It’s a bug.
Since it is usually used in a dimension leader, it was intended to follow the named dimstyle setting as described above, but it is broken.

Hi! Thank you all for your replies. If this is a bug and it doesn´t follow the dimstyle setting, I suppose for the moment there is no solution to this, or am I wrong?

No work-around that leaves it a text field.
You would have to replace the field with text.

On the function list, Can coordinates be added? and when selecting element points to be able to select.
please refer to aatache image. hope this is clear.

thank you

Hi John, thank you. I guess I´ll have to do that. I hope they find a solution to it soon enough.
MNT: I do not know how to do what you are asking

I thought this would be straight forward. all I want to achieve is with the text functions, to be able to read the coordinates of a point. in the points properties windows the coordinates are displayed and with the text functions I would like to read them.

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For now, use EvaluatePt with Label=On. Static, no updating, but it might help.


This will be fixed in SR9 (I was too late to get this into SR8 which should be released any day now)

Thanks a lot stevebaer!

Could it be that this isn’t fixed for BlockAttributeTexts? The annotation style used has the right precision (0.00) but it isn’t displayed that way. Also I don’t understand how to change which polyline is linked to the area text. In a regular text field i can just press the fx button, but how do i do that in a block? The little fx button next to the Value isnt pressable, if i use the one on top it just creates a completely new key.

Is there maybe a way to specify rounding for individual text fields? I have a room tag similar to Jasper’s, linked to object dimensions. I’d like to create a single text box (with a text frame to avoid making blocks) referring to multiple units and rounding. eg. 3000mm, 3.000 m, 9.5 m². Something like…

%<Area(“ObjectID”,“Meters”, specify rounding somehow)>%

Screen Shot 2023-04-22 at 16.54.56

Hi Neil -

There is, but it’s rather involved.

a=%<format(Area(“[ObjectID]”),“0.1f”)>% m²


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That works, thanks! Maybe I’ll try a Macro or something that collects the Fields and adds the formatting automatically.