Tekla Live link through Rhino compute

Hi Everyone,

We are trying to combine the power of the Tekla <> Grasshopper link with Rhino.Compute.

Our setup ^

When playing with the framecen; this properly updates in Tekla. Now for the fun part; when loading this script through Hops, the data DOES properly update in Tekla, however it doesn’t print the description.

Now when running EvaluateDefinition from Python this doesn’t work at all.

We expect it might have to do something with the TeklaPoint? Or is running Tekla <> Grasshopper impossible through Rhino.Compute?

Thanks! Rick

Hi Rick, sorry I didn’t get around to try this earlier.

Running the GH components through Hops seems to be possible indeed. To get the output to show up, right click any object-creating components (the ‘Component’ component in the above case) and turn off “Run in background”.

One limitation I experienced is that using the same definition for multiple Hops components will cause them to compete for updating the same objects in Tekla Structures - so they will not create separate objects in the Tekla model.

Not sure about the python part, I’m not a python user and didn’t find anything called EvaluateDefinition.