Systematic reruns with kangaroo

There’s an old trick for turning spare pipe into trowels by placing 3 cuts and bending it open. The results are quite sensitive, and I’m a huge fan of overengineering and developable surfaces.

I have a robust script for a single case. I’d like to be able to automatically open it and solve for a list of design options, so I can leave it running.

The script for a single case is made, I can upload tomorrow if you are interested. It’s quite heavy for my old laptop, and takes roughly 3min to mesh and another 3min to converge in kangaroo.
I’ve got roughly five degrees of freedom to explore, with success criteria of plan area (trowel, not pipe shaped) and strength (2nd moment of area of sections with a linear weighting towards the handle as it’s a cantilever)

Any idea how I can systematicly explore this space without loads of manual runs?

Hi @barryp5

I think this will need a little bit of scripting.
Something like this might work: (10.2 KB)

Instead of any of the built-in solver options, this calls Kangaroo from a script, and solves each branch separately, outputting only the final result without displaying iterations. So you could give it lots of different options at once, leave it all to calculate then come back and look through the results of all the different runs.

I can also take a look at your definition if you like, to see if there’s anything there that can be done to reduce the run time.


Script calling Kangaroo - well that’s a new wide and wibbly-wobbly horizon you’ve opened up for me!

If you find this thread in the future - The attached script needs the data tree inputs finessing to give me an N dimensional array rather than overlaid lists, and I’ve not included the scoring assessments, which are fairly trivial for this. The picture shows a set of related trowels, with slightly different cut locations or degrees of being opened out. Kangaroo captures the buckling effects of the pipe bending on an angle really well.

trowel_bending_002 (33.3 KB)