System.Threading.Tasks.Parallel.ForEach in V6

Hi @dale, @piac, are there any news regarding System.Threading.Tasks.Parallel.ForEach in V6 ?

I’ve got many scripts using this successfully in V5 where it speeds up calculations by a large factor. But in V6, there is no speedup, it is only using a single CPU thread while in V5 all my 8 threads are fully utilized.

I’ve tried to swap Tasks.Parallel.ForEach using python’s threading.Thread which works OK in V5, but in V6 it’s 2-3 times slower.


Do you have some sample code?
I haven’t heard anything so far regarding it, being it good or bad news.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Hi @piac, i prepare something and send it via PM.