Symmetry command selection problem

Hello, I’m new to using Rhino, and so far I’ve been learning by reading the user’s manual. I got to the point of making the toy thing and I’ve encountered a problem. There’s a part where you have to use the symmetry command to make a copy of the first finished wheel. However, when I select the wheel and then click on the symmetry command in the meny or write it in the command line, all of my wheel’s parts are deselected and I’m prompted in the command line to select a curve or surface. Furthermore, even if I’m being prompted to select a curve or surface, I can’t seem to be able to select my wheel or any other objects at all. I don’t remember playing around with Rhino’s settings or anything like that, but maybe I accidentally did something to cause this situatuion? Is there a way I can solve this? I’ve been trying looking around for this problem on the internet to no avail, but luckily enough, I found this forum and hopefully someone here can help me. I’m using the Rhino 6 trial version on Windows 10. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance to anyone who might respond.

From Ncik’s recommendation, here’s my model in case it might help:
Toy.3dm (437.5 KB)

Edit: I also tried doing this on a different computer that also has WIndows 10 and same version of Rhino and this time I only tried using Symmetry on a simple sphere but had the same issue. Maybe I’m just not doing things the right way?

Edit 2: Thanks to DiegoKrause, now I know I should have used Mirror, but I didn’t think of it too much because the translation of the user’s guide in my language did say to use Symmetry.

Welcome to rhino and the forum. Someone should be able to help, as I’m on the tablet and never use symmetry it won’t be me. In the mean time please upload your model as that will help with the advice.

Thanks, I’ll keep on sitting tight. And I didn’t even know I could upload my model, so I will do that.

the symmetry command involves a tangent matching between the input objects. that’s why it only allows curves or surfaces as input.
The command you need to use in this case is _Mirror.

when you have problems with a command just press F1 after selecting the tool to see the help panel about it.

I did look at the help info, but I still didn’t get the problem. And I actually had been trying to find other ways to make the rest of the wheels and did find Mirror along the way, but I still wanted to know what was wrong with what I was doing, because the user’s guide said very specifically to use Symmetry on this step. I just found out thanks to you that the guide in my language says to use Symmetry because of a bad translation, but they did mean to use the Mirror command, so this is kind of embarassing now. Still, thanks so much. I don’t think I could’ve realized that without your reply. Have an amazing day.

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Hi - could you let us know which guide and which language this is?

Sure. It was the Spanish version of the User’s Manual on chapter 13, at the section where you have to make symmetric copies of the wheels. After a new inspection, I did find that the section’s overview did mention the Mirror command would be used, but the steps per se do say to use Symmetry.

Here’s the link in case it may help:

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you are right, is confusing. while the icon showed is Mirror and some cases it mentions the correct translation which is “reflejar” I don’t know why it says “simetría”. I guess is a little error or it remains from older versions where the command had another name.
I would suggest to use Rhino in english and therefore the tutorials. is much easier.

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I will from now on. Even though Rhino’s website seems to automatically display in your country’s language (at least in my case), there’s a small button at the bottom of the homepage to change the language. And here’s the link to the user’s guide in English in case someone needs it:

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Thanks for reporting the bug in the Spanish version of the User’s Guide. This is now fixed (you might need to clear your cache to see the changes).

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