Sweep, while profile orientated to be perpendicular to mesh surface

Hi Everyone,

This might seem like a simple problem, but I haven’t been able to find the solution in previous posts.

I have a mesh, with a series of short, projected curves on it’s surface (these have been rebuilt to simplify). I am trying to work out how to sweep a cross sectional profile at a specific orientation, perpendicular to the mesh surface (hope that makes sense). Essentially, I want to create channels across the mesh surface that are 1mm wide and 0.25mm deep.

My limited knowledge of grasshopper led me down the path of converting my single lines into double lines, by piping them and creating intersecting curves from the pipe and mesh intersection. That way I have the double rail giving me my orientation all along the sweep. As you can see in the images attached, some worked, others didn’t.

I would appreciate any advice that anyone could give.

Many thanks,


Orientate Sweep.gh (179.7 KB)