Sweep 2 weird behavior

I’ve been scratching my head for quite a while now on this. Yesterday all my sweeps were working fine and doing what I wanted visually.

Today for some reason, some of the sweep2 are working fine still but others are going completely nuts and I cannot trouble shoot where the error is coming from. Screen below:

Would really appreciate if anybody can find where my error is coming from.

Sweep 2 Not working anymore.3dm (40.8 KB)
Sweep 2 not working as intended.gh (10.1 KB)


Hi Thom,

First of all, It’s important to understand that Sweep 2 comands needs as rail two curves with the same direction. Moreover, I recommend you to use at least two sections, since it usually works better, as in this case.

I have attached the GH file.


Sweep 2 not working as intended.gh (20.9 KB)