Surfacing using 3 profiles and 4 guide curves

Hello, I’m trying to model a semi-organic form with 3 closed profiles and 4 open guide curves. I’ve tried sweeping, but I have tangency problems where the sweeps meet. I’ve tried curve network and it can’t compute it. I’ve tried patch and edge surface but those don’t work. Any suggestions? It seems like a relatively simple shape that shouldn’t be too hard to make. I checked to make sure my curves intersect the profiles. Thanks!

Hi Benjamin - NetworkSrf might do ok here, if you leave out the crossed lines at the top - join the vertical curves, and the ‘around’ curves, and try feeding those to NetworkSrf. Feel free to post a file with your curves…


Thanks for your quick reply. I was unable to perform network surface, even with leaving out those top lines. Any other suggestions? Here’s my file if you want to take a look.

Surface Model.3dm (3.1 MB)

Hi Benjamin - Network will work if you Join the curves and leave out the top lines. The result is not very nice though. The problem you may run into is that the bottom set of curves is a tangent continuous - the filleted rectangle, with arcs on the corners and the upper cross sections are curvature continuous - more swoopy. So making that transition may be awkward. Do you need that bottom curve to be a strict rounded rectangle shape or can you make it a looser rectangle with the same structure as the upper curves?
The vertical curves are only tangent where the segments meet as well - you might want to make the lower sections G2/Curvature continuous to the upper ones - (Match command). Then you may have some decent surfacing strategies available, I’d think.

Something like this - Surface Model_PG.3dm (260.3 KB)
But you can see the bottom-to-middle looks a little awkward still - sticking with your rounded rectangle here.


I’ll give that a try, thanks for your help so far!