Surface Thickness Settings

Hi @jeremy.graham86,

It turns out you can access RDK thickness values using RhinoObject.GetCustomRenderMeshParameter and RhinoObject.SetCustomRenderMeshParameter methods.

For the providerId parameter, specify the Rhino.Render.CustomRenderMeshProvider.ThickeningId id.

The applicable parameter names and data types for thickening are:

"on", bool
"distance", double
"solid", bool
"both-sides", bool
"offset-only", bool

For example, to determine of thickening is enabled on an object, you can do this:

var providerId = Rhino.Render.CustomRenderMeshProvider.ThickeningId;
var value = obj.GetCustomRenderMeshParameter(providerId, "On");
var enabled = System.Convert.ToBoolean(value);

Does this help?

– Dale