Surface Morph on different surfaces

Hello guys!

I have 2 surfaces and I would like to use surface morph to adjust to them a geometry I created. My query here is that the two surfaces have different dimensions and proportions with each other. That means that when I apply the surface morph component the initial geometry has different dimensions on each one of them and that makes sense. But what if I would like to retain the same dimensions of the geometry on both surfaces.

Reference geometry

After surface morph (391.2 KB)

I have the same query when for example I use a hexagonal lunchbox division.

Same situation here the dimensions of the hexagonal is different. Is there any way to keep it the same?

Thanks in advance!

Doesn’t really make sense to morph if the goal is to keep the geometry the same. Makes more sense to define the algorithm as using specific sizes and then just apply that algorithm to the 2 different surfaces.

@Michael_Pryor thank you for your answer. But cause of my limited grasshopper knowledge I can’t find an effective way of doing that. Using orient component for example and trimming afterwards could be a possible way to this? I would really appreciate if you could provide a very very simple example of doing something like that just to see the logic behind.

Thank you again!

Please guys any guidance with this… Sorry I become pressing but I am struggling to find a solution to handle similar situations…:sweat_smile:

not sure, if something like this helps?

If you want them to be the exact same size do it as Michael proposed.

Baris Thank you very much for your help! I hope you are doing well. I can manage to find a way i think but maybe it is not the most efficient way to do it and I would like to see an efficient solution. As far as what Michael said I had a difficulty to think a way to do it. Another question I had always had is how to handle edges in similar situations in order to keep continuity.

In that case I am trying to do something similar with this facade of Morphosis. And when it come to the edges thinks become a bit complicated for me.

Thank you for your time!

I would design that pattern flat, split it at the seam, and fold it.

Thank you Michael! When you say “fold it” is there any specific component for that or you mean using orient, map to surface or morph components?


can someone help me please, how I can play this geometry on the point of this surface without having this void (141.6 KB)