Surface Box height

Hey guys. I’m having bit of a problem and I’m just defeated by trying to ‘solve it’.

My surface box height doesn’t follow the listed sequence.

Two black boxes suppose to be at the top as shown in the yellow panel but they appear in the middle and at the top.

test (14.1 KB)

Is it a new Grasshopper Game ?
Guess what is this component ? Guess what … “I’am just defeated by trying to help” so I have to tell Mme Irma :joy:

Best think post a definition :tada:


This is a continuation from another thread?

Yes, I don’t know if the topics get buried in here or maybe I wrongly defined the question so I posted this in a different way ;/ . I don’t know anything about grasshopper and I’m just trying to find different solutions and combine them together so it fits my brief. I understand some of the things but other things are just pure black magic to me and even when I play with the setting I simply cannot deduct its workings. I’m building an MVP and if its successful someone else will take over. I also understand if my question is a joke to someone and the solution might be really easy but Grasshopper is not like Rhino I cannot just google the tool and it will explain to me its ‘workings’. I completed 95% of the MVP except this list. I don’t understand why it gives me numbers ‘randomly’.

It doesn’t help to take away the original context, previous replies and especially the actual GH code.

I included the file but I don’t think the context matters for this list as even when I create a new random new values in new panel the geometry behaves the same.