Suggestions for storing user data in a polyline

I made some Python scripts that read “tool position” data - basically like a toolpath but different. The scripts perform tasks on the data including drawing a polyline that helps visualize the tool position data. So far so good.

What I hope to do is somehow store the extra information (speed, normal, etc) for each point inside the polyline. This would preserve the information once the script ends and allow me to make some helpful scripts to work on the data.

My first idea was to subclass the Point3d object so I could store information in it once it is added to the polyline. That isn’t possible. Then I tried another Point class and that wasn’t allowed either. After searching the forum, I discovered the Rhino.DocObjects.Custom objects, but the popular opinion is that they are pretty fragile and not recommended. So now I am asking for some suggestions.

One idea is to store information as a list of lists (one list for each point in the polyline) as user data. This should be stored with the project(?). That has some issues though because the list can easily get out of sync.

Are there any other clever ideas that don’t require me spending the next two years learning C++?

Thanks for your suggestions.

Hi Henry - SetUserText or SetDocumentUserText seems like it might help? Both are available from RhinoCommon.