SubD Radiate

When the object to be “radiated” is off center, like the sphere below, the resulting SubD contains vertices inside instead of being hollow and if you convert it into nurbs, that stuff inside remains… I seem to recall that Tsplines didn’t do this? Am I wrong?

No, it’s the same for me, even if I remove the symmetry.

Weirdly enough this gets recognized as closed SubD.

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I’m not sure if Radiate is meant to be used this way though.

Well, I got the impression that it was supposed to mean “radial symmetry” and all that implies, but maybe I was wrong.

It seems to be reserved for open SubDs (cf. Rhinoceros Help) that are meant to be joined in a radial fashion.

This is a bug. According to Kyle Houchens this bug was fixed in Rhino 7.9.
details: Radiate command - Radial symmetry in SubD >>New feature<<

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